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Oki is an adorable smaller dog. He is about 3 years old. It takes a while for him to get comfortable and is really low maintenance. He has not had any accidents at home and is fully potty trained. He loves to run in the yard and sniff everything he can. He loves his giant bed and spends much of his time relaxing on it. He gets along great with other dogs and would love to be your cuddle buddy once he gets to know you.
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Taiyo is a 1-2 year old Oki mix. He is very calm and adores attention. Taiyo is very shy at first but can be won over with ham and ear scratches. He is the most relaxed dog you will ever meet. He enjoys naps and cuddles. All he needs is something to chew on, a blanket and a cozy kennel to curl up in. He does not like crowds or loud noises. He would be most happy in a home as an only dog or with other calm dogs.

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Personality: Angel is sweet, loyal and loves her attention. She has a mean bark and can be shy at first but once she knows you she will love you forever. She is potty and kennel trained and approximately 6 years old but you would never be able to tell as she could play all day if you let her. She is wary around new dogs at first but will open up if given the opportunity. She absolutely adores children.

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Rocky is a crazy hyper and funny dog. He loves to cuddle when he can calm down enough to do so and will basically sleep on top of you. He just wants to be around you as much as he possibly can. If you have hair watch out! He thinks pony tails and buns are his new toys and loves to chase you around (playfully of course)! He will gladly go for runs with you if you can keep up with him that is.

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